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Excellent Reference for Weight Loss, Control and Better Health...

"Read the review from Mike Howard. He mentioned your book had an overload of information. On the positive side, I agree that it is very informative, which I feel, gives us more options. Like you said, there are women all shapes and sizes with different concerns. Your book covers all major issues for each type. There is so much I could comment on your book, but I'd be writing my own book to do it. LOL... I also think you do a great job in bring up the importance of healthy foods, such as organic and Kosher… Our bodies will not work properly if we constantly feed it foods loaded with preservatives, harmful chemicals and other toxins. Our bodies need a healthy digestive system to metabolize nutrients properly. Thank you Christine for your book which I feel is an excellent reference for weight loss, control and better health.quot;

Nora Urich
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Satisfied Dieter

As a child and teenager my mother was always dieting. Every diet was different and she would always lose weight but eventually gain it back. Consequently, I was determined never to "diet" when I grew up. Unfortunately, I did experience some weight gain as I got older, and I knew the only right way to diet was to eat healthy and exercise. The problem was what diet plan would I chose? I needed to know what and how to eat without eliminating whole food groups and poisoning my body with chemicals. Finally, I was introduced to My Diva Diet. My Diva Diet is the best and only answer to staying healthy for the rest of your life. It is an easy, sensible guide to eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight and body fat percentage for a lifetime. I also feel confident knowing that the author has practiced this diet for years and has successfully trained many people with these principles as well. This will definitely be the last diet book you will ever need to buy!

Lisa Gran (wife, mother of 2)
My Diva Client 2007 - 2009

Laura -

If you are tired of diets that don’t work than you should buy My Diva Diet: A Woman’s Last Diet Book by Christine Lakatos. This new approach is made by a personal fitness field expert and the book explains in a very practical and easy to understand language how to stay fit for a lifetime.

My Diva Diet: A Woman’s Last Diet Book Consists of Two Phases. From the MY DIVA DIET site here they are: PHASE ONE—DIVA REDUCTION Diva Reduction is a 10-week plan. If 10 weeks seems like a long time, start with three to six weeks to see what happens. Then adjust your diet and exercise program accordingly.

PHASE TWO – DIVA MAINTENANCE The second phase of the MY DIVA DIET program transitions you to a healthy lifestyle. This phase ensures that you preserve what you have accomplished in the Diva Reduction Phase and helps you never gain those unwanted fat pounds again!

My Diva Diet is able to improve our health and if we stick with the program we can stay fit for life. Nutrition, experience and wholesome foods are a heavy presence on this book. Buy My Diva Diet Book and you won’t need to search for a fat burner review anymore.

Heep it natural, healthy and you will be able to Have a Better Life!!!

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So I decided to take a look at this book that claims "it's A Woman's Last Diet Book". I really think that it shouldn't be considered a so called "diet book". It's really a system to help you change and improve your life! "My Diva Diet is power-packed with a complete, practical, and proven fat-loss system that improves your health and makes you fit for life. This method is based on sound nutrition, experience, and the centuries-old Judeo-Christian traditions of selecting pure and wholesome foods to provide women with a comprehensive diet program of the 21st century. My Diva Diet's user-friendly workbook is personalized just for you, with tools to ensure you feel, look, and function better-and live longer"

The Diva Diet is all about making healthy food decisions, eating Kosher meat, and "God made foods" I really can't say anything bad about that!!

I will be totally honest and say that so far I haven't tried this diet in it's entirety(I only tried it for one week before going on vacation) But what I started I really liked. The book has a workbook section for you personally, to find out about your eating habits, and how you should start your diet. It was very insightful for me. It also gives some sample menu's and some really helpful recipes! My favorite recipe that was the onion soup! I love french onion soup, but it's not really that good for you with all that melty cheese and croutons. After I made it I sat down to what I assumed was my portion, I then found out after reading the recipe a little better was that the whole pot of it was my portion!!!! Yummy!! If you are looking for a way to lose weight, and feel better than you need to try this! Even if you are just looking for a way to eat and BE healthier then this book is also for you!

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Male Testimonial!

Christine, the two plus years you worked with me were the best; I went from a 34 inch waist to a 31, my body fat went from 17% down to 11%, and it was like I was ten years younger. Your patient, but sure training built a great base of strength and health. Keep up the great training.

George Parker (client 2004 to 2006)
CEO of O'Hare-Midway Limousine Service Inc.